Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Biomarkers warn of impending injury from repetitive motion | Huliq

Helge: We speak about CTS over the Skype with the Chief Editor and owner of the Citizen Journalist site Huliq. I check, what is written about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on Huliq. Here is one example:

Biomarkers warn of impending injury from repetitive motion | Huliq: "The new study from Temple University senior researchers Ann Barr and Mary Barbe and their doctoral student, Stephen Carp, in the March issue of Clinical Science, found that the immune system pumps out biomarkers (different kinds of chemicals) as the body begins to become injured by repetitive motions.

These biomarkers warn of an underlying problem. 'While not a diagnostic test, because the biomarkers could also indicate another type of injury, they do provide a red flag where before there was none,' said Barr, associate professor of physical therapy at Temple's College of Health Professions.

Currently, healthcare providers can diagnose repetitive motion injuries (RMI) based only on physical examination findings and the symptoms reported by the patient. Typically, RMI sufferers don't experience symptoms of pain until the damage has begun.

So the researchers' main goal has been finding a means to detect the problem before the damage starts. That way, conservative intervention - ibuprofen, rest breaks at work, exercise - can be evaluated as to their effectiveness in preventing the development of chronic work-related conditions and, consequently, the need for more serious measures such as surgery."

Helge: What are your opinion about biomarkers?

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