Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome to new blog about CTS

This is a new blog about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its early detection. My Disability Blog: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Social Security Disability (ssd, ssdi) and SSI: "Carpal tunnel syndrome and social security disability I hope these links are helpful. I have some experience with carpal tunnel syndrome, both as an observer and as someone who has been semi-afflicted with the condition.
  • Read more about CTS from the linked blog
I say semi-afflicted because I believe that I was starting to see the initial symptoms of cts, or carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. I had problems with individual knuckle joints and not always the same joint on any given day. I also started having weird sensations of hot and/or cold in either hand, wrist, or forearm.
  • Office work and computer users
Carpal tunnel syndrome is, by definition, a degenerative condition. Cts is a repetitive stress injury. So, from all the disability cases I've encountered that involve carpal tunnel injuries, as soon as I saw cts symptoms, I IMMEDIATELY backed off from the amount of keyboard work I was doing.
  • Keyboard work
Not only that, but I did what the alternative medicine article list above suggests: I started using vitamin b6 supplements for my carpal tunnel symptoms. I also, as a precautionary move, started wearing wrist splints. Was all of this successful?
  • Wrist splints
I would say so. Most of my carpal tunnel syndrome symptomology seems to have dissipated. Whether it was due to the splints, the b6, or mainly just resting my arms and hands more, I can't really..."

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Early detection in hugely important.

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We are recruiting testers for a study of this technique that will parallel a study being run this fall in a US chiropractic college.

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