Monday, September 17, 2007

Interactive communication about CT and POC

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The map of UK might be good to have here to indicate the locations. I thought, it might be a good idea to use Google map to show the points of reference. But when should the mapping start?

"Dear Helge, I just got a taste of your ideas. Not bad. I am back in my office on next Thursday. I think we can have a little discussion e.g by Skype. Please find my contact Veijo H Lesonen in Skype." Writes Veijo Lesonen.

He continues, "In UK they have innovated a new word: "to medirace" (means that your hands must be tested by Mediracer for CTS). "Have you been mediraced?". See you by Skype -Veijo."

Helge writes, "Veijo, thanks for the comment. I decided to blog about it while the mediraced makes a good story...Reading your message - not bad - as could be worse (smile). Let's work on how to get the world mediraced just like we used to google in the past."

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Exercises for Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hi! I'm Monica and today we are going to be talking to you about carpal tunnel syndrome. You guys have probably all heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but might not know exactly what it is or what the symptoms are.

Helge: Go to see Monica's video at Expert Village. The Internet is a great resource for learning about CTS.

Carpal tunnel usually happens with repetitive movements. I will go in to some of the other causes of carpal tunnel in a minute. What happens is, right here you have a nerve that basically runs from your shoulder all the way on down.

It gets stuck in here sometimes in the carpal tunnel. What happens is, the nerve ends up getting pressed on, usually from extra fluid being there just because the tissues are irritated.

The nerve gets pressed on right here, and then you have numbness, tingling, sometimes you can start having problems with sensation, problems with your hand feeling really cold and definitely pain too.

That is usually the biggest complaint of carpal tunnel. I am going to show you some exercises and other things you can avoid, things you can to do to help with carpal tunnel problems.

Digital Villages: If you like to talk about the issues covered here, please get online and we can twitter about mediracing.


bryfee said...

Better methods for early detecton and rehabilitation would help a huge number of people avoid RSI.

We have developed an early detection and rehab tool for computer-related RSI and are currently recruiting for a study. Desk Doctor is a software program which has video-guided medical tests that the user does periodically. Built-in analytical tools then compile a program of video guided rehab exercises. The program runs in the background on your computer, measures your working intensity, and reminds you when you need to do your next exercise.

We are studying ways to refine this technique. A parallel study with the same product is being run this fall in by US chiropractic college.

If you are interested in joining this study (you get a free copy of Desk Doctor worth $129), please apply here:

Digital Villages said...

bryfee, Thank you very much for your information.

I will look at your

a) early detection and rehab tool
b) computer-related RSI

Desk Doctor and video-guided medical tests.

Built in analytical tools.

Measures working intensity and reminds about exercise.

Thank you for the web-page. I'll take a closer look.