Sunday, September 16, 2007

Discussion about CTS

Take a look at this YouTube video discussing carpal tunnel syndrome.

YouTube viewers comment the video. Here are some question:

How many times a day you have to do this? Will I ever be able to use a computer as b4 and without feeling pain?

How long usually does a person have to rest b4 going back to work?

Ive been resting for a month my muscles feel like tired, over-used.

I worked in a call center. Does the special orthopedic "gloves" help? Should I use any specific one? I want to avoid the operation. I have heard from some doctors and friends that the operation is not effective and you could lose sensitivity or movement?

A: You need treatment (Remove restrictions) at the same time you are do the exercise.

"I have carpal tunnel syndrome and I've never had a massage, it would most likely feel good. But the exercises with "the web" that the doctor demonstrated would without a doubt make my hands go numb temporarily. I have trouble believing healing could come out of it." Writes Dewey.

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