Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Desk Doctor users study

Desk Doctor users study: "Desk Doctor 6-week user study Help us with our study and earn a FREE Desk Doctor We are recruiting a number of computer users to help us to find ways to make the Desk Doctor program even better.

By participating in this study you will provide us with data and feedback to base our on-going development work on a wide range of real user experiences.

In a wider perspective, the results will also help to study the usefulness of early detection and rehabilitation tools in the workplace in general, and could well lead to better protection for very many people. If you are interested in joining the study please apply here.

All the results will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Apply to join the Study (You will need to register and login before proceeding to the study on our secure site.) Study Login Study privacy policy More about Desk Doctor..."

Digital Villages: We will take a look at Desk Doctor and comment about it in a future blog. Another thin. I have links to the TechcCrunch40 which took place in San Fransisco this week, Here are the links to the participants.

Digital Villages: CTS is a big thing. There's a lot of money and personal pain involved. We need to take a serious look into this issue.

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