Sunday, September 16, 2007

Daily Mail writes abut Mediracer Award

  1. Mediracer is a Finnish company
  2. Slash the time it takes for a doctor to diagnose a common cause of wrist pain
  3. The invention is called Mediracer
  4. It takes five minutes to identify a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome
  5. CTS affects up to one in 12 people, predominantly women
  6. Nerve conduction tests are normally carried out to diagnose the problem
  7. Waiting time can be up to two years, due to shortage of specialists to operate bulky testing equipment
  8. Mediracer uses the same technology (EMG) but on a simpler scale
  9. It can operated by doctors, nurses or occupational therapists, which means patients can now turn up and be tested on the same day
  10. "The great advantage is you can teach anyone to do this test," says Mr Tim Green, consultant orthopaedic surgeonat University Hospitals Leicester.
  11. "It's done away with the waiting lists completely. That's important because 50,000 people a year in Britain have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome."

At the press of a button, the instrument measures the speed at which nerve signals pass between two points, highlighting a blockage caused by pressure on the median nerve.

The device, which costs just under £5,000, was a finalist in the recent Medical Futures Innovations awards.
Early return to work
  • £76.40 per day CBI Figures
  • Sick pay, Lost Productivity,Loss of Tax
  • 100 patients / 75 working age
  • 6 weeks off work/ 2 weeks off work
  • £240,660 / £80,220
  • 42,000 Ctd per year = Savings
  • £67,384,800.00 one condition
  • Smarter Thinking + Early return to work
  • = Savings of £91,114,800.00 Minimum for the condition of Carpal Tunnels alone

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