Thursday, September 27, 2007

Benjamin's Personal Blog: Dealing with Carpal Tunnel*

Benjamin's Personal Blog: Dealing with Carpal Tunnel: "Monday, November 25, 2002 Dealing with Carpal Tunnel. In late 1997 when I was working with hand tools or typing for extended periods of time, my wrists would occasionally start to tingle.

Like many people I didn't think twice about it and simple assumed it would go away. However as time went by the tingling turned into pain and then I took notice. I went and saw a doctor about the situation. He gave me an arm brace and I was told to return in a month. The arm brace did help and the pain disappeared after a week.

Over the next year whenever the pain would return in one of my wrists I would simply wear the braces until the pain went away. The braces were healing my wrists, but I knew that if I kept up the cycle my wrists would eventually not be able to heal. I began to explore different steps that could be taken to prevent injuring my wrists again.

Over the years I have tried many different things and spoke to many people about what they have done. The following is a list of the best actions I have taken to prevent further injury to my wrists." Writes Benjamin Meyer.

"I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife Jen, collecting Transformers and learning more about programming." Benjamin writes.

Helge: This blog was written 2002. What is the market offering for the treatment of CTS?

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