Sunday, April 26, 2009

Las Vegas

I'm watching Las Vegas. It's not a program about medical innovations, even though some pretty nasty things happen in an environment where Money has a central role.

President Barack Obama is planning to improve Medicare and transfer USA to a Green society. Both these objectives sound great and Obama is an excellent motivator.

But, is he also a gambler? Experts say that it's not going to be easy. Talk is cheap and execution is difficult.

Both these moves are also going to cost a lot of money. Innovations don't happen, they are made. Bold visions are needed to get the US economy on a new track.

We might need to do some Las Vegas gambling in Finland as well to replace the stagnating Forestry industry.

Finland has numerous small medical innovation manufacturers who might think that Obama's move is a good thing for our medical companies as well.

The problem: how to get there in time.
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